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:) I love you.

such an old photo.

I love you more than a panda loves bamboo<3

I’ve known you for six years. It has been a blessing having you in my life these past six years. We have had our ups and our downs, but I am very glad to have you back after everything that has happened. You will always have my heart, and nothing can ever change that.

Living so far away from each other now is not easy to deal with. I miss you, I miss being able to see you almost every single day. I miss holding you close every night, I miss your hugs, I miss hearing your laugh, I miss seeing your smile, I miss your kisses. I cannot wait to see you again. It sucks only seeing you once or twice a month.

But, as much as this distance sucks, as much as it tears me up inside being nearly 500 miles apart, it shows how strong our love is. We can, and will, get through this. I love you, Gabby.